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Machine Recruitment’s sole purpose is to provide top quality candidates looking to join great companies in the heavy equipment industry. We look for candidates with a long tenure in the industry, who are looking to join and grow reputable companies throughout North America and Europe, selling, renting or maintaining the best equipment in the industry. With a database of over 20,000 candidates in upper management, sales & operations we can recruit strong candidates for hard to fill areas.

  • Texas First Rentals began working with Jason and his team when we started our business in 2015. Machine Recruitment has assisted us in many places within Texas First Rentals, we have had great success and have been able to build a great team with Machine Recruitment professional assistance.

    Ronnie Hulett
    Ronnie Hulett Director of Operations, Texas First Rentals A HOLT COMPANY

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    Our success is built on referrals, dedicated to our clients and understanding it takes 5 seconds to destroy a reputation, and a lifetime to build one. If you want to understand how our client feels, please explore our referrals.

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    Recruiting top talent is a commitment that requires a lot of time and energy, resources that are in short supply. Machine recruitment does the heavy lifting for you, not only developing a pool of qualified technicians, managers, and sales representatives but placing staff that are going to be the best fit for both the role and your culture. Choosing Machine Recruitment for your hiring needs means that you are free to get back to the work you want to be doing.

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